Zeedex (ZDEX) Trading Competition

A Test of our Trade Competitions Module


Last Update vor 2 Jahren


With the launch of Zeedex Trading Competition Module we are glad to launch a stress test in form of ZDEX-USDT trading competition.

Event Duration:
20 September 2021, 18:00 UTC - 22 September 2021, 18:00 UTC

Prize Pool: 37,000 ZDEX

Event eligibility requirement: You must hold 100 ZDEX to be eligible.

Buy ZDEX: https://bsc.zeedex.io/trade/ZDEX-USDT

There is no limitation to the number of winners.
Each and every trader gets rewarded in the ratio of 'Amount Traded' to 'Total Amount Traded on the Pair'.

Suppose you trade 100 ZDEX
Total traded amount is 1000 ZDEX, you will get 10% of the prize pool.

ZDEX Rewards will be distributed to the same wallet addresses from which you trade.

For more info connect with us on
Telegram - https://t.me/zeedexio
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Zeedexio


Thanks to all the traders and supporters.

The ZDEX-USDT Trade Competition (Test) has concluded.

Data extracted from this test is as follows - 

1) A Total of 12 Wallets Traded in this competition (Some didn't hold 100 ZDEX, which is why are not eligible for the rewards)
2) Volume Generated - 116,576 USD
3) Fees Generated - 232 USD
4) Peak Server Usage was 1/3rd of the resources present already.

5) Total Cost of running this competition was approx 400 USD

We expected much resource usage but were glad to know that we can easily run big trading competitions in a very efficient way.
Our scripts didn't get into a single problem.

Our recent work on new WS, Launcher, Watcher, AMM Bots and Trade Feed microservices showed good results.
All our microservices worked fine.

We did find multiple major Latency issues on the Info-API-Backend which we will be fixing before we head forward on expanding the platform.

All went well and we are happy with the results.

Next up will be the rewards.
We will be rewarding the traders on a vesting schedule of 3 months, 33% each.
Reward Distribution will be sent on the 1st of each month for 3 months, in ZDEX original token ERC-20 to the same wallets.
If you want to change your reward address, please contact zeedex team.

The list of winners and their share will be listed down below.
Thanks to all for participating and supporting, all the hard work gone into development for so many months has now  proven fruitful.

We will be working on a few more features like Self Listings (Voting), Launchpools (Staking) before heading for marketing and promotions.

Results -

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